CenPOS the Automotive Dealership Transaction Experts Serving Dealerships Nationwide Will Be Exhibiting at the 2012 NADA Show

By Hector Miranda on January 12, 2012

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CenPOS, a payment processing technology provider will be conducting live demonstrations of their CenPOS Payment Solutions Platform at the 2012 NADA Convention to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada February 3-6th. The demos will take place at the company’s booth (#2890) twice daily at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

CenPOS provides innovative payment solutions to dealerships, whether a single dealership or a large multi-brand, multi-location dealership group. CenPOS has created a dynamic payment processing solution to meet the unique challenges of a dealership’s payment ecosystem.

Dealership groups have problems creating payment uniformity throughout their group due to inefficient, and often times costly legacy payment systems. CenPOS solves this by creating standardization across the group and eliminating inefficiencies.

“We encourage members of the trade media and dealership managers to stop by the booth and let our representatives show you what the CenPOS intelligent platform can do for your dealership,” said Jorge Fernandez, President & CEO, CenPOS.

The CenPOS intelligent payment network provides essential solutions for every department in the dealership:

  • CenPOS Mobile Solution: The CenPOS mobile platform lowers costs associated with risk, exposure to chargebacks, and converts historically manually entered transactions into card present swiped transactions.
  • Tokenize payment information for repeat customers: Creates and electronically stores credit authorization forms.Mitigates PCI burden of storing traditional paper authorization forms, which contain sensitive cardholder data that is typically not stored properly.
  • Real-time AVS: Prevent fraud through the use of real-time AVS to reject transactions based on merchant specific risk parameters.


  • Increased pin-based debit conversion: Limits the dealership’s exposure to chargebacks, so customers cannot charge back on the basis of “services not rendered” or “not to satisfaction”.
  • CenPOS Mobile Solution: Allows Service Advisors to be more hands-on with customers, handle the payment transaction and reduce the need for cashiers.
  • Interchange optimization: Properly qualify business, corporate and purchasing cards which can make up a bulk of service transactions. CenPOS can provide a savings of 60-95 basis points depending on card type.


Sales / Finance
  • Collect quality data: CenPOS captures customer data at the point of sale that salespeople typically do not document, thus ensuring compliance and quality data collection.
  • Streamline and simplify check acceptance process: CenPOS dynamically routes check transactions to the appropriate vendor depending on routing rules determined by the dealership. Reduce the risk of losing a claim on a guaranteed check by ensuring the cashier provides all of the information specified by the provider.

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