How Text Messaging is Revolutionizing the Relationship Between Car Dealerships and Their Customers

By Germán Gonzalez on October 23, 2017

Here’s the reality: people don’t want to talk on the phone with their car dealership. In the world of smartphones, messaging is quicker and easier. People are multitasking more and more, accomplishing huge tasks at the click of a button. With an awareness of the shift to modern technology, dealerships are switching to text and mobile pay solutions.

This allows for in-the-moment questions, authorizations, and therefore solutions for the service tech.


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The dealership is more likely to get a reply from a text rather than a phone call because the customer can view a message instantly and reply in the moment, without having to stop what they’re doing or step out of the office.

When time-sensitive decisions need to be made by a dealership’s customer, the service adviser is put in an uncomfortable position. If the adviser can’t get in touch with the customer to authorize additional work discovered during the repair process, the car will sit on hold until the customer is reached. If the customer arrives and the car is not ready, it will be the adviser and the dealership that are blamed for not moving quickly. This frustration can now be avoided by implementing a new and seamless channel of mobile communication.

“Dealerships who have made the switch to text and mobile pay solutions are experiencing faster service approvals, faster RO closes, faster loaner returns due to the ‘vehicle ready’ text, as well as convenience with the ability to use mobile pay. Money enters the account faster, thus making it easier to focus on the bottom line throughout operations.”

Dealerships now have a stronger channel of communication, seamless payment methods prior to customer arrival on site, and therefore improved customer service. As the customer experience improves, so does the reputation of the dealership, stimulating great reviews, referrals, and dealership loyalty.

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